Enclosed with every order is an informational sheet with general instructions and things to do once you have received them.

It is important that you verify viability within 48 hours of delivery and notify us of any issues. We have a strict 48-hour notification window for all replacement requests.

The screw-cap should be loosened, not removed to allow for gas exchange and if this practice is not customary in your laboratory a note next to the culture may be a good idea. Place the culture tube in an appropriately lighted room or incubator and provide a photoperiod of 12 hours light: 12 hours dark. The culture should be kept at room temperature or 20 °C unless noted in the culture notes.

Those who receive cultures are encouraged to duplicate within reason the conditions used in the Collection, when handling newly acquired cultures, to reduce the chance of losing the culture. After a stock culture is established, subcultures may be used for testing other conditions.

Visit the UTEX Culture Maintenance page for additional information and specifications utilized at UTEX.