Delivery time to your country:
We do not have a good estimate of delivery time since each country custom clearance is different. It usually takes about 2 days to ship to your country without delay. Once it gets to your country custom, it is out of our hands on how fast your package is cleared. Please make sure you have the appropriate documents/fees required to clear your package.
Please make sure you contact your government agency if you need a permit to import algae to your country.
We provide custom invoices in the packaging slip to leave the United States. International customers are responsible for requesting any necessary import permits from their government agency prior to the scheduled shipping date(FAQ: What documents are required for shipments to locations outside the United States?), and be prepared to pay any applicable VAT/taxes/duty fees to ensure the package can be cleared through customs (FAQ: Who pays duty fees/taxes/VAT?). We are not responsible for any packages that do not clear customs. If you are uncertain about customs and permits/documentations, we suggest you contact your government agency to be sure what is needed to receive packages outside of your country.