US Academic & Government Institutional Pricing:

  • $60 USD per Living Algal Strain (excluding Algae Express)
  • $180 USD per DNA Barcoding Teaching Kit
  • $150 USD per NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars | Haematococcus pluvialis | #PLUVI Teaching Kit

The discounted rate is available for all Living Algal Strains and certain Teaching Kits--except Algae Express. To view the discounted rates you must be logged in to your UTEX Account and have prior approval from UTEX. 

Not Logged In

Logged In

On the main page of your account on the left-hand side, you should see either "U.S. Academic Discount" or "U.S. Government Discount" under your name. If your account page does not show this, make sure you are using the UTEX Account you used to initially request the discounted rates.

 If you have done that and still do not see the text, please submit a support ticket.  

NOTE: If you add strains to the cart before logging into your UTEX Customer Account, the discount will not be applied due to the way the system works. Please make sure to log in first before adding strains to your cart.

Please remember when completing your order that you must still include the name of the United States Non-Profit Institution you are claiming affiliation with under the "Company" field during checkout. Unless previously authorized by UTEX, the shipping address should be to an address within the institution's location. 

Any orders placed using the discount rate which do not include the required information will be delayed and/or canceled until the information is provided, or the balance at the full-price rates has been paid.