Pricing For All UTEX Customers:

All algal cultures are the same price, with the exception of the variants belonging to the Algae Express Service:

  • Living Algal Strains: $125 USD per tube
  • Algae Express Variants: $185 USD per tube

Pricing for United States Non-Profit Academic & Government Institutions Only:

US Academic and US Government institutions located within the contiguous United States are able to purchase algal strains, except Algae Express variants, and certain teaching kits at a discounted rate. You must have a UTEX Customer Account, submitted the discount request form, and be approved by UTEX in order to view and use the discounted rates.

Important Eligibility Requirements:

Due to the terms of our NSF grant, the discount is only available to other United States Non-Profit Academic and Government institutions within the contiguous US. 

US Academic & Government Institutional Pricing:

  • $60 USD per Living Algal Strain (excluding Algae Express)
  • $180 USD per DNA Barcoding Teaching Kit
  • $150 USD per NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars | Haematococcus pluvialis | #PLUVI Teaching Kit