For images from different strains, you must individually add each image request to your UTEX cart. 

For example, if you want one (1) image of UTEX 2714 and one (1) image of UTEX LB 2340, you would fill out a request for UTEX 2714 and add to your cart, then fill out the request for UTEX LB 2340 and add to your cart. In this example, you should see two (2) separate items in your cart instead of one (1): one for UTEX 2714 and another for UTEX LB 2340.

For multiple images of the same strain, you can just adjust the quantity.

For example, if you want three (3) images of UTEX 2714, then fill out the request form and then change the quantity desired to 3. Then you can click on the "Add to Cart" button. Alternatively, you can adjust the quantity in the UTEX cart before checkout.

For the high-resolution version of a specific image shown on the UTEX website, please include the link to the page or image when filling out the image request form.