UTEX Algal Images

UTEX Algal Images FAQs

Purchasing UTEX Images
High resolution versions of images from the UTEX website are available for purchase. Images will be provided in TIFF or JPEG formats and can be sent via e...
Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:39 PM
Images for publication purposes
Many journals have specific guidelines for images when submitting articles for publication. This often includes unique images that have not been previously ...
Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:32 PM
Purchasing more than one (1) image.
For images from different strains, you must individually add each image request to your UTEX cart.  For example, if you want one (1) image of UTEX 2714 ...
Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:32 PM
UTEX Algal Images | Creative Commons License
UTEX images that are purchased by customers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. All non-cu...
Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:31 PM