UTEX has several strains that were reported as toxin producers at the time of deposition. However, toxin production, gas vacuole formation, and growth as colonies are all traits that are readily lost with repeat subculturing. Since UTEX does not routinely test for toxin production, we cannot guarantee that the strains will still produce these toxins.

Please note that the list below may not be indicative of all the UTEX algal strains considered toxin-producing, but they do represent the most commonly requested strains purchased for possible toxin studies. Information on other UTEX strains that may produce toxins must be searched through available literature. Availability of UTEX algal strains changes on occasion; cultures may be temporarily deactivated in the online catalog if they are not considered to be healthy or if they are being cleaned for contaminants. Depending on the degree of attention needed, it may take 4-12 weeks before a culture is recovered and added back to the list of available strains to purchase.  If a particular strain is unavailable for purchase, you may enter your e-mail address in the contact box under the respective algal strain's page to be notified when the strain has returned.